With our build your own programme, you can tailor your learning to suit your needs.

We offer free upskilling courses ranging from employability to digital marketing and entrepreneurship, helping you to reskill and restart.

We plan our curriculum and delivery alongside local industry ensuring that you develop the skills that employers need, right now.

Our modules

You can study as many or as few of our upskilling modules that interest you and offer you the skills you need.

We have some recommended pathways depending on your goals or we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.

We run most of our upskilling courses on a two-week cycle so usually a start date isn’t too far away. Take a look at our latest schedule.

This is the starting point for individuals seeking work as it explores career ideas, strengths and skills and provides the basis for an action plan to achieve these goals. If you have found yourself looking for a new career for any number of reasons, Inspire Me can help put you onto a career or training track that you may not have considered. We can give you ideas, help you identify what you are good at and how to put your goals and strengths into a career plan for the future.

This is one of our longer courses with a weekly three and a half hour session for five weeks.

We run a number of course for anyone who is job hunting or wanting to make a change in their career.

Effective Job Hunting in the Digital Age

  • With job adverts having moved from only appearing in newspapers and the job centre, this one day workshop will show you how and where to look online. It will also cover how to communicate effectively online with potential employers and agencies to make a good first impression.

The Art of Job Applications

  • This one day workshop will help you to ensure that any job applications you complete will give you the absolute best chances of taking you to the next stage of the employment process!

Age Positive: Job seeking for over 40s

  • Our supportive workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions will help you look at fresh ideas in the job market, discover your strengths and look at the benefits that your experience can bring to a new career. Delivered by an experienced job coach who will help you develop a plan and show you that being over 40 in the job market can be a real benefit to employers. This course runs over three weeks.

CV Masterclass

  • As the first thing that a prospective employer sees, it’s important that your CV makes a good impression. This one day workshop will show you what to and what not to include, as well as what employers will be looking for in a CV.

Interview Preparation and Practice

  • During this pair of workshops, you’ll focus on preparing and practising for an interview situation to enable you to go into the real thing feeling positive and confident!

Suitable for anyone looking to improve their spreadsheet knowledge, this short workshop will cover editing data, replicating formulas and using count and IF functions. Learners should already be comfortable with SUM and AVERAGE functions. This course has two sessions.

The next step for anyone who has completed our Step 4 workshops, this one day course builds on those fundamentals to give you further tips and tricks to use the MS suite of programmes effectively.

This two week module is designed for those wanting to have an understanding of how to reach their customers through a variety of advertising methods. You’ll learn about traditional marketing models, digital advertising methods and advertising analysis. This module is complemented well with the Entrepreneurship and Customer Service modules.

This two week module is designed for those wanting to start their own business. It focuses on creating and developing a business idea, identifying a target market, market research, sources of start-up finance and digital advertising methods. You’ll also benefit from guidance on start-up business finances such as cashflow forecasting. This module is complemented well with our Marketing, Customer Service and also Employability modules.

This two week module is designed for those working in a customer-based environment. You’ll learn about identifying and satisfying customer needs, effective customer service and customer service techniques which can be used when interacting with customers online and offline.

This two week module is designed for those wanting to make the most out of their position and progress onto a leadership role. The module focuses on the qualities of an effective employee and leader, leadership styles, techniques to motivate yourself and others, equality in the workplace and managing change in the workplace. This module is complimented well with the Entrepreneurship module.

RESTART pathways

At the heart of RESTART is the option to build your own learning pathway to suit your needs.

Pathways to employment can be built by combining modules, some examples of this are presented below.

Budding entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Employability, Leadership and Management
Job hunters
  • Inspire Me: Rethink Your Future
  • Get That Job!
Future leaders
  • Employability, Leadership and Management
Aspiring marketers
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Entrepreneurship

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